Friday, March 28, 2008

The Observer

I am 21 years old. With the short time that I am living on earth, barely more than two decades, I have seen so much - really much. Much of the corruption in our government, not only because of the scandals that politicians publicize, but you would be surprised how corruption has its roots founded on the bedrock of society. Much of the injustices done everyday, not only to myself but to others as well. Much of the things that should not be done by an upright, loyal, respected, and decent citizen. Much of the things that a Japanese would rather perform a "seppuku" or "harakiri" just to save themselves from shame and from having to endure such indecency and loss of all moral ascendancy.

Sometimes, it is easier to end it all. Move out of the country. Leave the Philippines to look for a greener, richer pasture. Leave the Filipinos to their rotten land. Save yourselves. Or sometimes it is easier to just blame God for all injustices, or maybe we can blame the Spaniards, the Americans and the Japanese who took over our lands and dominated our heritage. We need not blame anyone, we have only but to look at ourselves in the mirror. What we are today, are the results of what we allowed to happen before, what we tolerated before. I am not saying only Filipinos in the country are responsible for such acts, but foreign nationals and Filipinized aliens as well. They all contribute to the demise of this country.

I don't presume to know everything. In fact, I still have lots to learn. But what prompted me to start this blog, is mostly out of my own personal experience and some events that I may have observed in the past. For the next couple of days, I will be sharing stories regarding my life here in Manila. Some who do not know me might not believe the stories I am about to tell. Even I myself, sometimes I do not believe that these things that I have experienced, have happened to me. It's almost surreal, unreal and definitely most unnatural. Incredulous even. But it happened. It's just to great to keep inside, alone, hidden in the back of my mind. Thank God for blogging. Now I have an outlet. Sometimes, the emotions just keep building up and we all get tired from the stress that life is bringing upon us. Sometimes, there is no other recourse instead but to slow down, recharge and share your story to others, so that others may learn from it.

I, being the observer, will only relay what I have seen and experienced. It is up to you to either believe or deny what I will write here. Anyway, this is my blog, so I wouldn't really care. My main goal actually is to share my life's story. An autobiography, blogger version, if you will. But, I entitled my blog "Save the Philippines NOW!", because I believe some of my experiences are incorporated with proof that the country has been crippled by corruption and it is up to us, few Filipinos who still love and remain loyal to truth, justice and our motherland, to save it. Not all Filipinos have fallen to dishonesty and lost of integrity. I believe there are still many who are unblemished.

I hope to touch you with my story and may you learn from it. There is no other way I can think of to reach as many people but through this blog. Anyway, happy reading!